Your First Millipede & Cockroach
Nick Baker’s Bug Book
British Wildlife
New Amateur Naturalist/First Time Naturalist
The Complete Naturalist (A fully updated version of above)
Habitat Explorers Guide: Woodlands
Habitat Explorers Guide: Gardens & Parks
Habitat Explorers Guide: Rivers and Ponds
Habitat Explorers Guide: Seashore
Wildlife Trackers Handbook

(New Holland/Bloomsbury)
(New Holland/Bloomsbury)
(Collins/National Geographic)
(Dorling Kindersley)



Many of these books have been published in other languages and are still available, although not all are still in print. The most pertinent to our current situation is the latest book Rewild which is all about learning to connect with nature and to value its salve. A book about rewilding our heads, minds and senses and stimulating the bored inner hunter gatherer in all of us. I’m currently writing a book on ponds for WildGuides and Princeton University Press.