Fancy a bugging trip to Greece? June 2024

Now, I can think of nothing better than hanging out with a bunch of like-minded bug enthusiasts, hunting for mantids, butterflies, tortoises and toads, and all with the Mediterranean sun on our backs in an unspoilt flower-rich landscape. So it’s with great excitement that I can share with you that this is exactly what you’re going to be able to do. It’s been postponed three times now… but finally, it looks like it might just happen in 2024.

We’re going to Greece –  Lake Kerkini and its surrounding biodiverse mountains and meadows, to be precise, on a Mediterranean Macro Safari.

I’m teaming up with Greenwings Wildlife Holidays and Matt Doogue (Macro Matt to you!), and we’re going to take you with us for a journey into the magical microcosm. This region is rather special and somewhere that every entomologist or macro photographer should have on their bucket list. It is home to insect royalty as well as loads of good birds (for the birders), plants (for the botanisers), Amphibians and Reptiles (for the herpers). There is so much we could see and find that I will not exhaust you with all of the possibilities here – suffice to say we could bump into Ladybird Spiders, Spoon-winged lacewings, the spectacular-spiked magician (a large predatory Bushcricket), Violet Carpenter bee, tortoises and toads (Herman’s and Spadefoot two of my favourites) plus loads of superb butterflies – I’m talking the possibility of Southern Festoon, Scarce Swallowtail to name just two of the big ‘uns.

As if seeing these beauties with your eyes is not enough. Matt will be giving us all guidance and sharing with us his extraordinary gift for capturing your macro memories forever in pixel form. If you’ve always wanted to know how to take macro photographs, then Matt Doogue will be on hand to share with you his vast wisdom and extraordinary talented eye for a great images. It’s a trip not to be missed – a bit of deep ecology, photography and good company.

For more details and more information on the proposed trip and how to book, do get in touch with Greenwings – click here.