Let's hang out....

... and I'll show you stuff.

I like to think that I'm quite approachable and will always go out of my way to share my lifelong passion, knowledge and experience with anyone who has an interest in the natural world. You are my kind of people after all! ( warning - I can get carried away just so you know what you're letting yourself in for! ) The natural world is something that has given me so much satisfaction. It has fired my life, inspired and healed me. From the glue eating Silver fish under the sink (if you don't know what they are look 'em up they're brilliant) to the vast sentience that is a Blue Whale. They all give me the same buzz. That thrill of experience and the zing of adventure and discovery. I see it as my duty to share this wonder with others. Whether as a field researcher, author, broadcaster or naturalsit guide. I regularly head up trips, expeditions and tours (I will also shortly be opening up my home to like minded folk). It is on this page that you can find out about what is coming up and how you can find out more.

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I regularly guide trips exploring the highlands of Scotland with my local wildlife friendly hotel. With three seperate group trips that give you five full dedicated days of wildlife watching, based out of this fabulously comfortable highland hotel. There are three sets of dates you can join me in March, August and October in 2023.


Come and stay with me...

Coming soon is an opportunity for a special 3-day and 4-night inclusive package for a couple sharing. You get to stay with me and my family in my house and get to join me for one-on-one wildlife guiding and tuition right here in my home in the highlands. Click below for more information.

I've worked with this leading company for several years - guiding trips and wildlife festivals in Namibia, Borneo and Scotland - recently the Isle of Mull has been our favourite destination and we will be returning for two more trips in 2023. I love this trip as once you're on the Island - there are no distractions. You can spend the entire trip focussing on everyting that Mull has to offer - and that is a lot! Known as the Eagle Isle it has much more than our two most spectacular raptors to offer - expect to see many other birds of prey, cetaceans, deer, otters and a huge variety of wild flowers and insects all set against spectacular scenery and seascapes. The accomodation is very special, as is the food.  We will have a lot of fun.