Short Biog

I’m a life-long Naturalist. I accidentally made my life obsession my profession and so far I seemed to have gotten away with it. I owe a lot to my childhood ( I’m really a professional 10 year old). I’m self-taught starting by learning about the denizens of the fields, ditches and woods around my rural home in the Sussex countryside - here I developed my biophilic tendencies spending time with and obsessing over everything from Badgers to Butterflies.
Increasingly though, I spent much time convincing folk to see the less than loved creatures through my own eyes. This was the foundation of a career that followed on from my graduation from Exeter University in 1993.
I co-founded the ‘Bug club’ then with the Royal Entomological Society and since graduation I’ve enjoyed a diverse career as a freelance naturalist. Having worked as a field ecologist on Badgers, some of Britain’s most threatened insects, the Fritillary butterflies (Butterfly Conservation and Dartmoor National National Park), the endangered Ring Ouzel (RSPB) and project Officer for the River Teign Restoration Project.
My communication skills and interest and natural history knowledge drew the attention of various broadcasters and in the mid 1990’s I found work as a radio and TV broadcaster. I’ve worked internationally as presenter/host for BBC, FIVE, National Geographic, Animal Planet and Discovery. I’ve also authored over 11 books all on natural history subjects.
I guess I’m a bit of a multi-hyphenate. I enjoy teaching in the field having worked for the Field Studies Council, been a lecturer in the public understanding of Science at Exeter University and have held the position of Fellow of Natural History at Winchester College (2016-2019). I have experience as a wildlife guide and leader heading up trips both at home and abroad. I currently live within the Cairngorm National Park in Scotland with a diverse menagerie of exotic creatures (cockroaches, snakes, tarantulas) including my wife and 15 year old daughter. I am currently doing my best to drive them out by playing Banjo and Harmonica at them very loudly. I enjoy my photography and can paint and draw. Blues and roots music is anther passion and I especially enjoy performing. I am also as obsessed with everything human powered on two wheels - I try and get out on my bike most days.

I’m a FRES, FBNAS, FRCGS and a VP of Buglife, RPSB and the Wildlife trusts.